This year, the ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference will be collaborating with Wolfson College Cambridge for a series virtual events (Zoom), known as the ASEAN Emerging Researchers Hubs. The theme this year will be Challenges in Global Development.

Plans for a full-scale virtual conference are underway for 2021.

Sustainability and Conservation Hub

Monday, 30 November 2020, 0930-1130 (UK time)


The ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference aims to create a platform for researchers from the ASEAN region and the ASEAN research diaspora to drive research excellence in the region. The ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference is a flagship programme of the ASEAN Young Scientists Network; the official platform for young researchers.

The specific objectives of the ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference include:

  • enhance interdisciplinary knowledge sharing, learning and collaboration between scientists from the ASEAN region and its research diaspora;

  • identify emerging research niche areas that the ASEAN research community should champion to address local needs and global challenge;

  • develop strategies to enhance the capacity and access to resources to harness the potential of the ASEAN research community;

  • promote sustainable research leadership amongst emerging researchers in the ASEAN region.

Why should you participate?

The ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference provides an opportunity for:

Researchers to:

  • Share their research work in a robust academic environment that appreciates context, resource constraints and local significance

  • Gain insights into the latest developments and directions in research

  • Enhance their national, regional, and international networks with greater relevance to ASEAN and its partners

  • Participate in the shaping of the future of ASEAN research

Government, Policy, Industry and Civil Society Stakeholders to:

  • Capture a snapshot of research activity and progress by the ASEAN research community and the ASEAN diaspora

  • Develop strategic partnerships with established and emerging researchers in the ASEAN region and from the diaspora for immediate and future collaborations

  • Promote greater quadruple helix collaboration (civil society-academic-industry-business) in creating new business and social development opportunities in the ASEAN region.

Who should participate?

The ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference is an inclusive conference which recognises that national, regional and global challenges can best be addressed through interdisciplinary collaboration. We welcome:

  • All researchers from the ASEAN region; especially early- and mid-career researchers

  • ASEAN researchers from around the world

  • Researchers who have expertise and interest in the ASEAN region

  • Postgraduate (MSc, PhD, etc.) students

  • Undergraduate students who are interested in research/academia/policy

  • Industry partners

  • Government official and policy stakeholders

  • Non-governmental organisations

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Hubs

Sustainability and Conservation Hub - Challenges in Global Development

This collaborative virtual event between the Wolfson College Sustainability and Conservation (S&C) Research Hub and the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Emerging Researchers Conference will shine a spotlight on global development challenges with a focus on Sustainability and Conservation.

The event will feature speakers from Wolfson College and the ASEAN Community: a keynote address, an expert panel, as well as students showcasing their research.

This inclusive event invites participation from all fields to contribute to the fight for Sustainability and Conservation. Everyone throughout the world has a role to play and this virtual event will be the platform for such crucial international discourse.

The programme, speakers, and registration information will be available shortly.


Our speakers will be annouced in due course.


Registration details will be released here in due course.

Virtual Joining Details

The virtual events will be over Zoom. Joining details will be released here.


The virtual events will not have presentation sessions.

About Us

The ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Emerging Researchers Conference is an international platform to drive research excellence and stimulate interdisciplinary research to address the needs of the ASEAN region. It is a strategic partnerships between the ASEAN Young Scientist Network, Sunway University, and Wolfson College Cambridge. As an official flagship programme for the region, the ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference hosts a vibrant, research-centric community that has and continues to flourish.

Click on the link below to learn more about our journey and how this conference traces its roots back to student-led initiative at the University of Cambridge.

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