Our history

The concept behind the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Emerging Researchers Conference is a synergy between two initiatives that started at the University of Cambridge; the Malaysia-Singapore Research Conference (MSRC) and the Cambridge University Southeast Asian Conference (CUSEAC).

The MSRC was founded in 2016 by a group of postgraduate students who envisioned a platform to showcase the diversity of emerging research that transcends fields of academic interest, nationalities, and experience. Similarly, CUSEAC was an initiative in 2017 that brought Southeast Asian students together for workshops to stimulate discussions that were aimed at developing strategies to address regional issues.

In 2018, discussions between Sunway University and Wolfson College Cambridge led to the agreement to create a platform to encourage discourse and the sharing of research ideas. Subsequently, strategic partnerships with various local and regional organisations led to the crystallisation of the ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference.

Since its inception, this annual conference has enabled crucial interdisciplinary discussions with the aim of addressing ASEAN’s development needs and to inspire excellence in the region’s research efforts. In recognition of this, the ASEAN Young Scientist Network, the official platform for the young scientists of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) recognises the ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference as an official flagship programme for the region.

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Our Jounrey

2016: Speakers, sponsors, and the founding organising committee of the first Malaysia-Singapore Research Conference (MSRC) at the Engineering Department of the University of Cambridge.

2018-present: A partnership between the ASEAN Young Scientist Network (Prof. Abhi Veerakumarasivam), Sunway University (Dr. Elizabeth Lee), and Wolfson College (Prof. Jane Clarke) led to the inaugural ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference, hosted at Sunway University, Malaysia.

2019: The second ASEAN Emerging Researchers Conference, with delegations from every ASEAN nation.

Panel discussions addressing the region's development needs.

Celebrating Emerging Talent

2016-Present: Presentations by early-career researchers have been at the core of these annual conferences.

2016-Present: Research is also showcased as poster presentations.

The Community

2019: Our vibrant and growing community welcomes academics and emerging researchers to join us in our mission.

2017: The community is also made up of ASEAN diaspora: delegates of the MSRC at St.John's College, University of Cambridge.